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Paul Kiesche Fine Art
NJ portrait artist

Portraits are a timeless family heirloom, they are memories immortalized in paint, they help commemorate moments of success and are ageless reminders of the people we love.

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Each commissioned project begins with being discussed, planned and proposed. After agreeing on style, scene, size, wardrobe, mood and other such details, a sitting session can begin. Using pre-agreed settings, props and wardrobe, the setting will be composed with simple drawings and then set up in reality. Lighting and any camera equipment will be supplied by Paul. The model and scene will be digitally photographed for reference. Shots will be available to view at the end of the shoot to ensure the clients approval.

Live sittings are available, but photos will still be taken as reference for lighting and details. Most portraits are painted from reference photographs, but it is recommended to have a live sitting session towards the end of the painting to enhance the color and likeness of reality.

The majority of the painting will be painted in Paul's studio. After the painting is completed, the painting will be scanned or photographed and emailed to you for your approval. The final painting will then be varnished and delivered either framed or unframed depending on our original agreement.


Portrait fees begin at $3,000. Please contact Paul for details.

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