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July 29, 2011

Grounds for Sculpture

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Last weekend, my wife Melissa and I took a trip to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. Grounds for sculpture is a 35-acre public sculpture park with amazing visuals around every corner. The entire park is an experience from the temporary indoor exhibit, to the over sized outdoor sculptures to the tiny hidden artworks. The park has a mystical feeling to it.

We started the morning off with brunch at Rats, a beautiful restaurant located in the park. Even brunch was an experience with delicious food in a magical setting. (more…)

July 28, 2010

Into the Painting – Murray Hill

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Many of the paintings have interesting stories behind them. So, I figured I’d share some stories.

Murray Hill was the second painting I created for this series of my fine art, but it was the first painting I finished. The first painting wasn’t finished until 7 paintings later. (more…)

December 14, 2009

Nifty Vintage Cartoons

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My parents recently gave me a family treasure of vintage cartoons. My mother’s father, Paul Dye, was not a professional artist, but was very creative. He attended The Landon Course of Cartooning, a Cartooning school by C.N. Landon. The cartoons are from 1926 and all the courses are typed out. 1926 was just at the end of the Golden Age of Illustration.


March 4, 2009

A Walk Through ArtExpo

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I spent Sunday at ArtExpo in New York City. It was a very nice experience. Supposively it was 1/6 it’s size, but that is hard to believe. The show was massive. It took me quite a long time to go through it.

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